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You know how we got scrims goin down every so often, later down the line it would be cool to scrim as Div. teams you know north east west south and overseas or go by regions, area codes, states or w/e, divide all e, eG, eGO, into teams from where they live , since theres so many members and have ourselves a lil tourney...see where the best dod players come from :p !lol :) it would b a good idea l8r on, but it would be hectic to get organized though lol
That does seem a bit hectic to get going but it's a great idea. Putting players in to divisions would be pretty cool.
I think the best player are in Finland...oh wait...only me :) xD

We should have Europe vs rest.....that would be like 5to10(example allied) vs 16(example axis) :)
Why? There's no point. We all know the best players are in Texas.
[/quote1180282446]You mean in Florida. =D

in famous words


the North will strike like the unseen blade, silent and deadly

sorry, wow that was random lol
hmmmmm i think i started a buzz, everyone claimin they come from the best part of the country, wut about our uk brothers. n many others....but throw it up for the WESTCOAST!!!!

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