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Alright, this is a game I've been playing with Baron for 4 or 5 days now, and I so far think it's pretty cool....(on free trial). I'm a mutation Tanker, lvl9. Will try to get some pics today or tomorrow of Baron, some emotes,etc and my skills in use.
From :
What is City of Heroes?

City of Heroes . City of Tomorrow . Since 1931, when a prodigal son returned with the powers of an ancient god and called himself Statesman, Paragon City has been the center of the super-powered hero universe. Through the efforts of Statesman and those who joined him in the war against tyranny and crime, Paragon City truly became a beacon and inspiration for heroes world-wide. A true city of heroes.

All that came to a disastrous halt on May 23, 2002 when aliens known as the Rikti invaded the earth and began their war of mass extermination. Every major city in the world was attacked, but none were more devastated than Paragon City . It was here that thousands of heroes and civilians made their last stand. It was on this ruined battlefield that legends died and were created. After months of desperate fighting and incredible sacrifice, the Rikti were stopped-though not entirely defeated. In the end, of all the great super-powered heroes who called Paragon City home, only eight survived. Total casualty figures remain unknown, though low estimates placed them in the tens of thousands.

In the aftermath of the war, Paragon City , like much of the cities of the world, lay in ruins. With most of the city's heroes dead or missing, crime and corruption seized the opportunity to fill the hero-less vacuum. Gangs of criminals-some reemerging from decades of hiding, many new and horrifying in their methods-began to take control of the city's war torn zones. Amidst this sudden influx of lawlessness, Statesman made a call to the world's surviving and newly found heroes: "Come to Paragon City 's aid!"

Paragon City . City of Tomorrow . City of Heroes . The world's last best hope of freedom and justice. Home to Statesman and the greatest heroes on earth. What true hero could resist?

The Super Powered Massively Multiplayer RPG

Welcome to City of Heroes, the online world that's home to an entire universe of heroes, where you and thousands of other players take on the roles of super powered heroes - in a stunning, 3D graphical world.

Super Powered Action and Adventure

Create Your Own Hero

Choose from hundreds of different powers and design your own unique costume.

Fight Evil!

Confront super villains, aliens, madmen, criminals, and other fearsome foes. Take on personalized missions and rid the city of several different evil organizations and hundreds of individual enemies.

Form Your Own Super-group of Heroes

Band together with other players to fight evil and become the premiere hero group in the city!

Explore the City

Explore the skyscrapers, slums, sewers and streets of Paragon City, a sprawling online metropolis that offers unlimited adventures and countless surprises.

Live the Story

Become an integral part of more than thirty different ongoing story arcs as the villain groups menace Paragon City and react to player victories and defeats.

You are a HERO!

And now for some pics:
Dancing in the top of The statue lifting the Atlas globe

"Lonely I'm Mr Lonely,
I have nobody,
For my own
I'm so lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely
I have nobody,
For my own
I'm so lonely"

Talking with a friend Blaster (not Baron)

One of the first skills of a super skill-Hover

Talking with a nature loving tree hugger.

Wow....a high building.

My char.....need Baron to get one from my front. Oh...and the pic don't show char 8 feet tall....Baron's like 4 or so :)

"Nice views...let's 2 awakens"

In mid air: "Was this a good idea?"

Almost ground: "Yep...a bad idea"

"We survived...with 1 hp!"

Resting to gain health.

"And up in hover-and away.." Well...ok...lame slogan..but yeah
screenshot_2007-05-26-19-20-53.jpg, team up, make super hero groups...and fight crime :)
And make your own superhero you can tell how he became a hero,etc.
[quote1180269965=Baron Rojo]
yup today ill be at home helpin blaze defeatr crime witrh my 4 feet tall heroe

.......I'm just gonna leave that one alone....
I hate it that timezones are so bad....when Baron on, I'm not :(
I got some new pics, which will edit into this post once I get to downstairs comp.
I tried playing city of hero's but im in to weapons and armor and stuff like WOW i just coulndt get in to beating the arachnoids.
Some new pics, more tomorrow...some with combat :) Most of these interactions:
Looking over Perez Park

Sitting on the ledge

Just flying part 1

Just flying part 2-Close Up

Just flying part 3-Dancing

Just flying part 4-Dancing part 2

Boombox part 1

Boombox part 2


"On my mark"

you have to buy it everywhere (walmart,target,bestbuy...) have city of heroes city of villains good vs. evil pack which allows you to play either good or bad with special in game bonus that comes with that box set

well i tried both the games and hit 30 with 3 diff chars its a good game but it takes a while to get used to it if you are wow player
other than that nice game but i'm playing wow and steam stuff too much that don't have time for that anymore

oh and btw the greatest game ever: ultima online(yeah i'm gonna get headshotted(i don't think this is even a term lol) for this but it is...
My name Uruk Hark if anyone joins...and Baron had like 5
Level 10 finally,takes a long time.....and you can play it on free me :)
Pics(Combat tomorrow or today...):
"I'm in the top of the world!"

"Thank you, thank you"

"Curse you world!"

"YES! I am interested in a good package deal"

"I surrender!....oh wait...I'm the good guy"

"STOP! No more World Domination....think about the civilians"

"Watching over the park"

"Fishing for bad guys"

Marking enemy activity

The coin- Rest or Hunt baddies
you dont buy armors or weapons Dye
as you level up you pick new super powers you want
depeding on what kind of super heroe your making
for axample i am a level 31 Fire//kinetics controller
i use fire as my Main attack power pool while i use kinetics power pool set to help my team mates in battle

There are alot of power you can choose from
And is very fun
i am hoping Blazing plays today so i can play with him : )
I play every day Baron :) Just diff timezones :)

And Probowl, you can sign for or get the free trial...but I'm not sure how....Baron gave me a code for it (his trial key) And it's not a steam game.

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