Motivate/compliment someone


Cameo King 👑
@Architect of Life keep on building things you can make a career outta it
@aspen epic trap u got this also stop calling me out in among us before meeting thx
@Belt you're a good among us player now take care dude
@Bergendy ttt gonna be lit when it's out, hope you have an amazing day
@Boo somehow every minor thing manages to crack me up, hang in there dude
@b t bro i hope all goes well throughout your break, I'll miss ya
@Buster i wish you well in life young one
@Damon you are super cool ! ! !
@Darling you're old lol but that means ur wise so don't kill me
@heidi pray that you can find some good italian food soon godspeed
@kuantum the real among us events are in halo, keep up the good work
@M4A1-S you'll eventually find the right one
@Martin keep your head up, there's brighter days ahead
@nitrospam stay safe because you're gonna need it starting tomorrow
@Para keep on flexing those abs and keep that crown on king
@ScaryLarry you aren't scary :)
@Shalom i hope you have to work overtime so you can get money
@TAKA feed your dog more so he can become big and strong stay blessed

michigan #1
thank you so much


the gmod leadership lineup
@Boo good man, good friend, great to have around
@TAKA similar life experiences, love this man he's so nice
@Para really wants five nights at freddy's playermodels on the servers
@JoeMo one of the most chill people i've ever met, also our director of memes.
@CelDamage we don't talk much but i very much value your input as it's always constructive and helpful, you're a good guy

the squad lineup
@Jon good friend, don't talk much anymore but he'll always hold a special place in my life
@Architect of Life spreadsheet queen, started his own religion of jojo and is slowly proselytizing his friends.
@Arbiter i don't remember how we met, but this is the first memory i have of you and it's great:
got me back into ego and i'm really into it, i'm having a good time.
@kuantum you don't deserve to be tagged but you are a great source of headaches
@Maruchan incredibly dedicated member, and am proud to have him apart of our game, love this guy

Jim Burger

I would like to thank you guys for all the fun, was initially not going to stay but i apprciate the community. And the less toxic people.
I could tag more people
but id like to tag @JuVe913, i always enjoy talking to you.


To all of GMod LE, our adopted manager of M4, and the random menagerie of people who willing join our Teamspeak or read our Discord chats, thank you for being patient in helping this Boomer learn how to game. You zoomers aren't all that bad.


@bakr most wholesome man on earth.
@Architect of Life keep hosting great events, and thank you for being nice to gabby (simp?)
@SuperNova2501 my new abusive father, always feel free to take a break.
@P250 Sand Dune fight someone to get that internet out of the dumpster.
@Shayne play surf, it’s calling your name.
@Erk & @Semo thank you two for being two people I could talk to about anything.
@mattycs no matter how hard you try you will never be better than me at ttt and I hope you get that through your head, thanks for the competition though.
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Shots Fired
I've got a really long list and to be honest, theres way to many people I have played with over the years to get everyone, so here goes nothing
@Amethyst Definitely the one with the most chat binds in EdgeGamers.
@anas Really cool guy. Met him on CSGO. Seems to have followed me to Rust.
@Architect of Life Only person who will call out the shit that comes out of my mouth, thats respectable.
@ben71380 Its great to have you around on the Rust Server!
@b t one word: simplord :p
@Chaonyx Honestly, one of my favorite admins. I wish I saw you more frequently on the servers.
@Custom Stats Someone to look up to. Clearly you give so much for this community. Its commendable.
@Darling I pretty much learned how to admin from you!
@Damon @heidi Honestly, you 2 keep the community an interesting place. I would be sad to see ya'll leave.
@DeerFat Hurry up and fix your computer, we miss you.
@EchoFX Very mature, and cares a lot for the community.
@Ere Old PG admin who I like to this day!
@Godzilla #1 Larry_da_lobster insulter.
@JuVe913 Best admin trainer, in my eyes anyways.
@Larry_Da_Lobster And the "most likely to get custom stats to talk award goes to....."
@Martin I put in a promo recc for you before I was promoted to manager. I'm happy to see you're now an eGO. Hope to see you in the community for years to come.
@mattycs #1 to get beamed out of a helicopter by @ben71380
@nitrospam Quirklord anyone?
@sathoro I can't remember exactly, but I think I also recommended you for promo a long time ago. Happy to see that my prediction was right :)
@ScaryLarry Honorable mention as the 2nd best Larry in EdgeGamers
@sooshi I was just talking with another admin the other day. You have matured out so much from how you were back in the day. I like it!
@Maruchan Overdue promo happy to see you among us, even if you are a tad toxic sometimes :p
@Shalom Although you no longer wear the manager tag, clearly you are still a leader in the community.
@WaSe You know how some people are just squares? Well he takes square to a whole new level, by building a 20x20 Square HQM base with no doors. (WaSe BaSe)
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