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EdgeGamers Forum Code of Conduct
Revised: 9/18/2020


Necroposting is a term used to define reviving a thread that has had it's discussion or topic 'expired' to the point where it is no longer relevant.

Double posting is a term used to define posting twice in a row.

Garbageposting is a term used to define a low effort, low quality post that does not contribute to the discussion..


  1. Follow the Global EdgeGamers rules at all times.
  2. Garbageposting in threads or on discussions is forbidden. Off topic threads are allowed in the “Entertainment” forum section. Example: “Why is the sky blue”.
  3. Doubleposting in threads is not allowed, unless it is in "Entertainment".
  4. Necroposting should be avoided.
  5. Do not abuse the reports system.
  6. Do not abuse the ratings system.
  7. Manager discretion is final. Leadership reserves the right to remove or modify posts that violate our guidelines.
  • Posts do not have a character requirement, however, they should contribute to the conversation. " 💦💦🔥💯🥴 " is not a valid response to a thread.
  • Do not create more than two threads every thirty minutes. This prevents flooding the "new threads feed". Posting multiple times across the forums is perfectly fine, however, the posts must actually contribute to the discussion.

Reporting 101:

Whenever you report a thread, a notification is sent to all forum moderators and a private report is opened. It looks somewhat like this.

Contact Leadership with any concerns.
Not open for further replies.