Upcoming Clanwide Meeting


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What do you feel we should discuss at our next clan wide? Is there a topic or question you have? Do you feel there is something EGO should look into supporting? Toss all of your ideas, questions, or concerns here. We will try to get through as many as possible. Nothing is off limits, just don’t ask us how handsome @Coder is, I will get stuck on it for hours!


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Thank you for this thread!

I feel we should discuss forum conduct and how @JoeMo's MS paint doodles contribute resoundingly to the community.


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Forum progress in general, when i gettin my cute badges u,u


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I think that EGO should have an online Pokemon Tournament via Pokemon sword and Pokemon Shield for the Nintendo switch. is this a possibility that can be discussed at clan wide?
Lol I wanted a pokemon division many years ago, haha. Cool idea there is a Nintendo ID thread stickied, you guys can feel free to use that and organize "General Gaming" there. I don't foresee anything official though tbh. - Professor Oak