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There are two major ways to support our Minecraft Servers and EdgeGamers as a community.

Dedicated Supporter
Becoming a dedicated supporter of the community is one of the best ways to financially back our servers and to help ensure our uptime and success. As an incentive to donate, we offer unique in-game rewards for backing EdgeGamers. Our current list of dedicated supporter perks are:

DS Tag
Colored Nickname
Player Time Command
Player Weather Command
Hat Command
Workbench Command
Enderchest Command
Colored Signs
10 Homes
7 Auction House Listings
& More

You can read more about becoming a Dedicated Supporter here

One of the easiest, and cheapest, ways to support the community is by voting on our various server listings. Every time you vote, you gain in-game rewards as well as boost our server ranking on these websites. The higher rank we appear, the more likely a player is to see our community when searching for a new server to play on.

You can vote for our server on any of the following links, and gain a bonus in-game when you vote on all six.

Minecraft Server List
Minecraft Servers (.org)
Minecraft Servers (.biz)
Minecraft Multiplayer
Planet Minecraft
Tracky Server
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