My goodbye :(

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I make 1 good post every week.
As of 10/6/2020, I've been banned from all eGO supported servers... not here to complain, pout, cry or do anything of that sort about this ban. I simply want to thank all the mentioned people down below and even the unmentioned people for making this the best community I've ever been apart of. I spent 2-3 months with y'all and the time I spent with you all were the happiest times so far for me this year. No hard feelings for anyone from this community, if you ever want to play some games or anything of the sort please hit me up on Steam or Discord(R G B#3597).

My thanks:
@aidan - Thank you for telling me about eGO and getting me involved, by the far the best community I've been apart of.
@SuperNova2501 - Thank you for being super friendly on CS:GO TTT and always making me laugh.
@bakr - Same for you, Mr. Badkr thanks for all the funny times we've had together on TTT. pstt... you're bad at COD too.
@ScaryLarry - Not so scary, but whatever thanks for being my friend and my roleplay partner on GTA <3
@EchoFX - Thanks for always interacting with my posts :) Never played much together or anything but you were usually always first to like my posts.
@heidi - Thanks for being such an artistic inspiration and inspiring me to get into signature creation and animations.
@ben71380 - I hate you. I'm glad you can no longer kill me in Rust. just playing i love u
@patasnegras - The funniest and best role-player I've ever seen on a public server. Cover the streets for me while I'm gone Spooky.

Some other people:
Godzilla, redchance, OwenW, Maruchan, nitrospam, DeerFat and Architect.



I'm unoriginal.
matty is toxic to me ) ::::
Not open for further replies.