Armored Guard (Job Idea)


Please, before I begin. I know ideas aren't really something that can be 100% realistic in-game, but I'm an idea person. So what I love doing is playing a game, if I love it enough, I start brainstorming additions that can be made to improve the game and try to realistically add additions that would really add a new dynamic. This will be Part #1 as there will be a lot of information here (I'll finish this idea soon). I'm not saying my idea is perfect but it's something I would love to be added. So anyways, let's get into the Basic Information. Let's go.

Basic Information

To begin the company I was thinking is "LSAGI". (Los Santos Guard Industry) A company that transfers money or gold from bank to bank in long travel distances. This company of course, like in real life travels in bank trucks with legit money/gold in the back. Their very basic goal is to get from bank to bank safely without getting robbed and fund the bank that needs money. With the new position of this job, there's also another position that is part of the LSAGI and that's being an armed guard at banks themselves to protect the vault from robberies. They wont be seriously armed- with a pistol, shotgun and a bulletproof vest. BUT, it does add a new dynamic on bank robberies where if you're the criminal; You can try to rob a bank with the possibility of an officer being inside, guarding. Or you can try the very risky way and try to rob a bank truck. If accepted, to begin your On Duty you go into any bank and do "/duty" then your set. Let me explain how banks work real quick as they will work slightly different.

(BANKS NOW "LOSE MONEY" OVER TIME IF THERE'S ATLEAST ONE LSAGI MEMBER ONLINE): What this technically means is that for a civilian character, let's say you go to a bank right. You don't know how low in funds the bank is holding. But you realize that that you can ONLY withdraw $50,000 instead of the typical unlimited amount. On top of this, if you're planning to rob this bank, if you try and rob the bank, don't expect over $100,000 as it has nothing to offer. So with this new deuterate system does is it adds dynamic of risk for criminals and more importance for the new organization. (LSAGI) To put in perspective how fast banks deuterate over time; Let's say banks "lose money" or 5% of 100% every GTA DAY. This threshold cannot go below 20% and of course the max threshold is 100%. Per run made by a LSAGI member restores maximum profits. (100%- Keep in mind the truck realistically, if robbed can give almost $2 Million if lucky enough, minimum gain for robbing is 200k) lastly, the maximum a player can take out of the bank would be $2,500,000 at 100% profit.

If there isn't any LSAGI members online, not even ONE member. Banks stop deuterating to avoid over burdening the members part of LSAGI. The motivation to be apart of LSAGI group is that per run, you're making around 20k - 50k depending how low the bank you just funded but the make-it break-it part is the distance you've traveled. This kind of system is perfect balance as if you stay on your transfer mission longer to maximize your money gain; you're indirectly risking getting robbed. So.... yeah, maybe not just hiding in some place that is obscure is the best idea. Because the longer you stay out on a transfer mission- the more you're risking getting robbed. And if you're in the middle of fucking nowhere, I don't think the cops can help you at that point.

Before I end this segment. Please take note that LSAGI has to follow traffic rules and if pulled over by LSPD, they will be punished more harshly than usually. Plus the trucks you're placed in move at a maximum of 30MPH. Of course, since its' armored it has completely bulletproof glass, bulletproof wheels and the doors can ONLY be opened by an LSAGI member from inside the truck via Interaction Menu. The back of the truck on the other hand is weak to bullets meaning that's the way to rob the truck. If shot enough times, the doors fly open. If the truck moves as the door is opened, they (driver of the truck) lose their profits inside, 1% at a time every 1 second interval to avoid easy getaways from criminals. So if your doors were opened, better not try and getaway too much as you'll lose your profit boost that was meant for the bank. For the criminals, there will be a yellow circle in the back, pressing "E" on this circle will start to fund the money to your bank directly per button press. Once you fully taken everything out of the truck, you no longer gain any more money. Only ONE CRIMINAL can take the money at a time. Criminals also take 3.5% profits per press. Upon taking profits from the bank truck, of course the cops will be notified. End of segment 1.

LSAGI Position #1

(WHAT TO KNOW): Position 1 is the most complex position in LSAGI by far as it's the most riskiest. It's the position to transfer money from bank to bank. When you apply for this job, you need AT LEAST 1 month of experience as a police officer to be qualified. If you don't meet these requirements, you're chances of being accepted are drastically decreased. But when accepted you're expected to keep up to date what bank is in need of money. To know which banks needs money; your map will be modified to show any money hungry bank with the icon that has a dollar symbol surrounded with the a square icon. (Which exists in regular GTA) To start a transfer mission, you head inside the bank and you'll have the prompt to press "E" and hold for more than 5 seconds. If any other guards are with you (Position 1 ONLY), if they want to be apart of the mission (to get money benefits too) they would want to be in the bank too. Only one guard needs to hold E to initiate the transfer. Once held and both guards are ready, you'll be teleported outside already inside the bank truck.



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Seems complex. Just a note for the initial half, there is nothing stopping you from applying for a guard's license and guarding the bank right now. I've done it in the past under the securoserv banner and have stopped 3 robberies.

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In response to @RedDragonKnight 's comment, you could totally rp this without a specific plugin :)