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We saw a couple of e's playing without their tag and under a different name on the server. Players should always wear their tag (if they have one) and play consistently under the same name. If you don't do that, it means you don't want to be considered for the clan. If you do want to change your name, let us know on the forums.

The reason we'd like players to use the same name all the time, is for us to be able to get to know you. If you keep changing your name, you start from zero each time.
not sure if this really applies to me, but is there a limit to name changes..not like there should be, unless you dont inform people...

and if you do change your name, would it be spamming the forums if asking for different names to change to? :/
One should be mature about the subject, i.e. how many times should one have to change their name.....really?!

Secondly, it would be spamming to ask others to find a name for you.
Well ... i only play under 2 names if thats ok ... but u can just
tell that its me ...
=(e)= _nQ_
=(e)= nQthing
Well ... i know im going to get eG ... becuz im loyal and im able
to stay with with decisions i stay with ... i dont expect to get it
soon but i know im going to get it ... and ill be using

=(eG)= _nQ_
i always stick to my name unless my bro changed it to play under his name is that ok? i already asked an admin and he said it's ok
Si senors, it is much easier for us to promote you also when you are under one name, that way we dont have to guess :)
I play with one name only and thats =(e)= sugafree, if you ever see my name changed to RUBEN, thats my little brother, he plays dod:s too, he also likes the eGO servers cuz they full and its a rampage out there :p
sorry about that, a few weeks ago i changed from CHUMP to ROCKET CHUMP...but is that ok because how many ppl have
the name chump in it...
what if an admin does it? i'll be in the server, then someone changes their name to their admin name.
well hehe,everyone knows me by now and if you dont well now you do.i havent changed this name since i got the =(e)= on so now its just =(e)=Ôn3 Ŵ1ńĢ3D ÃʼnĜ3L™

and when/if i do get it to be =(eG)=Ôn3 Ŵ1ńĢ3D ÃʼnĜ3L™ thats the name i go by so it wont ever be changing....ever

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