Rest In Peace, Ubermaniac


With a heavy heart, we would like to make a tribute post for one of our older members.

Ubermaniac was a funny, energetic, go-getter during his time as an eGO admin. He joined eGO and was quickly promoted up the ranks. He was a part of the AT, EC, and RT teams in the Counter-Strike Group. Uber was well known to have a great sense of humor and quick reaction times during comps. He was the guy everyone wanted on their team and the person everyone wanted to play golf with. He had an infectious attitude about gaming and memes. Uber was a prime candidate to become a CS Advisor, however, he left before he could be promoted. Although he never became an Advisor, he left a huge imprint on all the members of eGO that were lucky enough to become his friend. Uber was taken too soon from this world, when he left on Monday, September 14, 2020. He will always be missed and remembered for his sense of humor, good attitude, caring demeanor, and helpful acts.

We will miss you Uber, and Rest in Peace. As you said countless times: "Hey, that's pretty good!"

Thank you to BlackAngel & ZER0COOL for the writing, and December for the art.


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Rest in peace Uber, wish I got a chance to meet you


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Mental health is a very serious thing and it always pains me to read something like this. A lot of people use videogames as a form of relaxation/therapy to escape from the real world. This is why I try my best to help in making our servers as enjoyable as possible for all players.

You are never alone. There is always someone out there who cares about you.

Rest In Peace

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Rest in Paradise


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Very sad to see him pass on. Thank you for pushing this post up to the front of things for everyone to see and appreciate him. We've seen a few great people pass on here over the years and it always stings.

I hope his close friends here keep their fond memories of him and think of him when they play.


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I never knew you personally but were all eGO brothers and sisters here. I wish you well on your journey into Heaven. Rest In Peace!