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USCG Hammer, simply, has been around the block. Joining in 2008 and instantly making a splash with his humor, leadership skills, and ability to solve disputes with his acclaimed and admired deep voice. While yes, Hammer may be slightly old, he is bundled with energy and has never missed a step in his time with EdgeGamers. An innovator from the very beginning, Hammer has lead over 10+ projects in EdgeGamers, ranging from Team Fortress 2, Member Services, overseeing our AT and UAT programs, and even serving as Director. You could say that he had done it all around here, and technically that would have been incorrect... until today. We are very happy to welcome USCG Hammer to the Board of Directors where he will serve with Artimus, Kendle, Dominion and John! Hammer will continue to provide oversight and guidance to ensure the continued success of EdgeGamers. Thank you USCG Hammer for your continued service to the community!

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My serious post; Hammer is a cool dude. He was our council member (community manager type thing, back in the day) for the Insurgency division. He tolerated me being a 13 year old turd who thought trolling was cool.

He actually was nice as hell to me though and gave me a lot of chances, mentoring, and even gave me a copy of The Orange Box to let me play TF2, since I was younger and didn't have the ability to easily buy computer games. He's always stuck around this place and been a great mentor and friend to many of us. I've been lucky to work on leadership teams with him as our CM for TF2 and MS, during some very tricky times.

Stay cool dude. Thanks for hepling make this place good @USCG Hammer.


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Well whaddya know....another promotion. Nice work, my friend. I remember when you first joined.....what a long, strange trip it's been. ;)

Congratulations, sir!


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Congratulations Hammer, thank you for all the hard work you put in to the community. Glad to have you around.


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Congrats hammer