Overwatch Minigames Event 7pm EST 10/18/20


SmeaR's Intern
Overwatch Minigames

Host: @Star

What is an Overwatch minigames event?

We will be playing a ton of fun Overwatch minigames ranging from a 1v1 arena, hero gauntlet(gun game), tiny Overwatch, and whatever else the people want to see! Come on down to our second minigames event! The first one flew by so fast I knew I had to bring more!

How do I attend?
The event will take place in the Edgegamers Overwatch discord found here: EGO Overwatch Discord. In the Discord we have a channel dedicated to events, slide in there at the event time for some fun!

Event times
PST: 4:00
PM | EST: 7:00 PM

Hope to see you there!
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