TF2 Halloween Royal Rumble!


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TF2 Halloween Royal Rumble!
As Halloween nears and the month gets increasingly spookier, come and join us for the October TF2 Royal Rumble! This event consists of Leadership members battling it out against members in order to win the match at the end of the night. Join us on October 30th, at 9 PM EST for an extremely fun event and a chance to win some great prizes!

Only 2 Engineers Per Team (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Only 2 Medics Per Team (NO EXCEPTIONS)

You MUST Be In TeamSpeak
The server for the event will have a password, and you will not be given the password unless you are in the TeamSpeak. A Royal Rumble also relies a lot on teamwork, so losing because you have no communication with your team (due to you not being in the TeamSpeak) is not fun for anyone. Leadership will be in one channel, and non-leadership will be in another channel. A few minutes before the event starts, a member of LE will join the non-leadership channel and give you the password.

This event is one of our most popular, and many people from our different games come to participate. If you get dominated while the member side is full and people are waiting, you must leave the server, so it gives another person a chance to participate in the Royal Rumble. You ARE allowed to rejoin after being dominated, but if you do not leave you will be kicked from the server. But if the membersā€™ side is not full, you will not have to leave if dominated.

The side that wins gets to pick the next map. There will be prizes for all who post screenshots of their dominations. There will be a post in the TF2 forum that will have the title: October Royal Rumble - Post Dominations Here. Everyone who posts will get a The Festivizer, and one more prize that will be selected randomly. (We'll add more stuff to the pool if needed):

Prize Pool:
$20 Gift Card
Unusual Convict Cap, Unusual Effect: Burning Flames
Unusual Taunt: Panzer Pants, Unusual Effect: Wintery Wisp
Unusual Taunt: Bucking Bronco Unusualifier
Unusual Taunt: Buy A Life, Unusual Effect: Jarate Shock
Strange Merc Stained War Paint
Strange Professional Killstreak Reserve Shooter
Strange Defragmenting Hard Hat 17%
Strange Professional Killstreak Rescue Ranger
Professional Killstreak Frontier Justice