Announcement Halloween Knife Giveaway!


- Yankee <3
Hello all far and wide its your favorite person in a Yankee's base ball cap with of course no brim.

I come to tell you something of high importance you probably guessed what I'm doing based off the title, if not then let me introduce todays announcement!

Yankee's Spooky Knife Giveaway!

Yes that is right I'm back with a knife giveaway, and what better time to do one than now. I'm giving away a Minimal Wear Flip Knife Doppler worth around $200!

I know I've been pretty inactive recently, but work has been kicking my ass recently we've had non stop calls everyday and coming home from work I've just been exhausted and sleeping most of the day, that and my family came down for a week so I was enjoying some time with them and showing them around where I work and the city I'm now living in. Have no fear I'm back and going to be more active now enough of my life and work lets get into what everyone clicked on this for the giveaway!

To Enter: (its pretty simple)
1. Pick a number from 1-250
(DISCLAMER: 1 entry per user, 1 number only, TRY NOT TO PICK THE SAME NUMBER if this happens the first to post and use the winning number wins!)
2. Tag 2 friends you'd take trick-or-treating
3. What's your favorite candy or snack? (not required)
(I personally love resse's and snickers)

Winner drawn on: 31Oct2020

(updates will be posted if any)
(so check for updates)

Good luck and Best wishes!

Your pal,
-Yankee Doodle <3

( if you see this you're awesome! :D )


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249 @Wing @WavieTheKid my favorite candy is prob Yankee Candles, the wax just tastes really good