Final Surgery Update!! (X-ray picture)

Sup yall, Three weeks ago aka Friday the 9th I had surgery on my wrist or in other words my scaphoid bone which ironically enough is on of the hardest bones to break or fracture. 2 weeks ago I was in a soft cast in a sling, which wasn't that fun tbh but the pain pills helped a lot, and I was on full recovery mode not leaving my bed at all and just boolin watchin movies. last week I got a hard cast and learned how to hold a mouse without ruining my hand, but learning how to hold a mouse properly means IM BACK. I wont be as good as I was before surgery but I'm just here for fun for now. You can catch me on Minecraft mostly chillin with @Vincent @Pikaslack and @Coopdog , if anyone needs a hard carry in RL I'm the man, just ask them xD

For anyone wondering what they to fix my wrist they basically put two plates one on either side of the bone and put six screws into the bone, I'd show a picture of what my hand looked like with the stitches but like, its nasty as all hell but i will show an x-ray of my hand with the plates and screws so I'm sorry if your queasy. New music coming soon Also :D!!!!!


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Get well and btw you have small hands


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Wait you broke your hand and you have Wave in your gamer name... :unsure: