Your life matters!


- Yankee <3
My mental health has been going down recently it’s very important to check up on your friends and family every once and a while lately I’ve lost a few very good friends I’ve met in the service to suicide. it’s a punch to the gut knowing there not here just a few months ago we were hanging out and having a good time and laughing not know the pain inside of them and the next thing I know I see their obituary I blame myself for not catching the signs or even looking for signs because I thought nothing of it as if their life was fine. It’s been hard these past few months with work and loosing not only a friend but someone who is basically a brother to you. Please always check up on those who you love because you never know what their going through especially mentally always look for the signs. If you ever need someone to talk to you can always talk to me if you’re struggling i will comfort you no matter what the time or the date talk about what’s going on in your life let others help you, you’re life is precious and one of a kind you’re the only you. YOUR LIFE MATTERS no matter how down you are no matter how scummy you think your life is, your life is important you are important and don’t let anyone tell you different you have friends and family who will always love and support you I support you please talk about your feelings comfort those who need comfort.

I love you all

if you’re ever down I’m here to talk <3


i love you ♥
appreciate you <3 if you need anything as well, im here and I’m sure so many other people would love to help you or be there for you. thank you for this post, stay safe and sorry to hear about everything. i know you can’t help it , but please know, it’s never your fault.


EGO Is My Life!
It’s really important to talk to a psychologist or a psychiatrist if you’re feeling sad. Depression is a true disease and you have less chances to cure if you don’t use the good techniques they teach.
Someone has committed suicide in my promotion two weeks ago, I’m still pretty touchy about it
Stay strong and be empathic