Andrew Steps Up

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Artist: @december | Writer: @Arbiter

We were excited to announce during the Member Services' meeting this week that @Andrew has accepted a promotion to Community Manager. Over the last two years, Andrew has contributed greatly towards the growth and advancement of Member Services both as a Manager and Sr. Manager. We are excited what he is able to do in his new role that will bring opportunity to impact even more of our community.

With Andrew's promotion to Community Manager, @FirezFury will be transitioning to a Sr. Manager role that he will be exploring new opportunities in World of Warcraft and Diablo. Thank you @FirezFury for your service to Member Services.​


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Congrats Andrew, very kind and helpful guy, if you ever need to talk to someone I'm sure he'd gladly talk to you.

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Andrew kinda cool :p


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Andrew has been stepping up since day one. Seriously - I basically told him he was a manager and let him run training himself before he was even leadership (At the time he was young). Dude didn't even flinch and took it in stride until I was allowed to promote him and just took off from there and flew.

It also helped that he actually knew what he was doing and I didn't even know how to accept an application, but that's another story.

Congrats again dude and keep shining.


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Congratulations my friend you’re one of the hardest working members i’ve ever met in this community. Thank you for everything you’ve done for the community and everything you’ve taught me