Inking The Deal For A New Community Manager

Artist/Writer: @Legend | Editor: @december

Although the screenshot above certainly isn't @Inkery, we are going to pretend like it is. After leading as a Manager & Sr. Manager since March of last year, Inkery has left his mark on the Grand Theft Auto community in such a positive way that most members wouldn't be able to refute. Inkery has carried a "for the players" mentality since stepping into his Leadership role which has brought significant success in building both a great player base and a dedicated management staff over the server. These reasons only scratch the surface, but are at least a few reasons to why Inkery has earned his spot within the Community Management team. We congratulate him on his promotion and are excited to see how he continues to impact the community in positive ways.

With Inkery's promotion to Community Manager, @Summer will be stepping into a new role as Sr. Manager within Tech. She will have front facing responsibilities with the global community while also being the lead dev responsible for our future steps into RedM.

During the latest Grand Theft Auto meeting, the team additionally announced the promotions of five new Managers. We congratulate them on their success and continued growth in their new role.
@Confission, @D3FaulT, @jeremy_duck, @OmgWtfNamesTaken, @RipplyTiger151

It was also announced during the meeting that @Jay would be stepping down from his leadership position to focus on personal things. We would like to thank him for his constant dedication to development of the Grand Theft Auto server and hunting down those bugs. He will be missed greatly.​


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@Inkery is going to do great things! I know he will because he already has. Can't wait to see what the future holds for our FiveM RP Server.

Congratulations to all the promotions to Manager and @Jay you will be missed, dude. It's about time you take a break after all the hard work you've put into the server and community.

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Lots to take in with this post. Love all these people. Good luck to all <3