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Hi guys,

I thought I would bring this reminder to the forums.

eGO comes first. Games come second. They aren't the same thing - in my opinion.

I was speaking with dad this evening over a zoom call talking about how I have been and such. He brought up eGO since he is very aware how much time and effort I throw into this. He asked me this question: "Drew, how would you define what you are a part of?" It's interesting because my immediate response was community, but he interjected, saying this is something else.

He said, "Yeah it's community, but it's almost a social phenomenon. Whereas a community might be simply a group of people with common beliefs and values, this group that you are a part of is more than that. You have met people through this that you would literally put everything down to speak with them if they were in trouble. It's not even about the game anymore. Yeah, you guys play games, but, at least for you, you focus more on the group aspect than the actual game. Think about it this way: you are more focused on developing your character than you are becoming a "good" player at the game. You take time out of your day to do things FOR the group; not even for the game. When the people who created these games finished these, there is no possible way they had this in mind that somehow a group of people will come together and create a system where there's a hierarchy of ranks on the basis of gaming. You guys started as "gamers", but you all moved into something completely different. If you were to bring up to other people that you game, they might think you just sit around and shoot stuff the whole time. No, you and your friends aren't here for that. It's profound, and it's almost completely unheard of that something like this could happen ever since more advanced technology was created. It's new and it's unique. I've never seen you more pleased with yourself. You don't even get paid to do this, and you seem more happy with this than I am at my own damn job."

So, with all that being said, thanks. Y'all are great, and maybe you don't even realize, but y'all are great. We got something awesome here, something incredible.

Your friend,
-b t


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damn the last time i brought up eGO with my family they said "why are you wasting your time on this"; seems like you have it great that your family not only is aware but actually provides input into the totality of what eGO actually is. I'd say that i met people here who I would gladly call my friends, friends who I would interact with not only on our game servers but just on a day to day basis

shoutout to the Clown's, the TS squad, and everyone else who I talk with outside of our servers, you guys know who you are


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What a message