Announcement Counter-Strike Champions Event Poll

Which Event would you like CS to host?

  • Hide and Seek

    Points: 15 22.4%
  • Capture the Flag

    Points: 25 37.3%
  • O's vs. No's

    Points: 34 50.7%

  • Total voters
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Counter-Strike | Champions Event Poll

As you may already know, Counter-Strike is participating in EdgeGamers Champions, a cross-game event in which each player base fights to control the Champions' Cup. This thread acts as Counter-Strike's voice in the global event, and decide which event you want to host for the games.

Voting Options:
Hide and Seek: One team hides while the other team seeks. Do your best to stay hidden or find all the hiders.
Capture the Flag: Two teams each have a flag to defend while also trying to steal the other teams and return to their own base.
O's vs. No's: All people within the community with an eGO tag versus those with an e or eG in a battle to win the most rounds.

Voting Rules:
[- Only vote on one account -]
Please only vote if you are going to participate -]
You are allowed to vote for multiple events you want to see -]
Do your best not to over-influence the vote -]

Be on the lookout for more information (when the polls close) as to the full list of participating games, and each game's chosen event. Dates are still TBD, however we expect the dates to be around the end of December.
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vote ctf if u a real thug


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All I’m going to say is there’s only so much abuse the e’s and eg’s can take before Os vs NOs turns into overthrow the authorities.


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Counter Strike's Poll Winner is O's vs No's

Closing Thread, look forward to future news on event dates, prizes, and more :D
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