TF2 Server Shutdown

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As it has been announced earlier, we were given the task of picking two servers to keep and two had to go. We did a community poll to see what all of you were interested in and we talked it over between TF2 leadership and other leadership. With pleas from us and even pleas from other leadership, we got a reprieve. We will only have to shut down one server.

Harvest is popular among our members and has a stable but small player group. It still needs a good amount of work to grow the player base, but it has a good starting base.

Hightower has been our best server, it is a popular map, and players are starting to join back and it has quickly jumped up in the standings in the last couple of weeks, but the previous player base left, we have struggled to fill it, and it is deathmatch server like Harvest.

2Fort is a popular map, we still have a small player base, and it has a team-based play, but it will take also take a lot of work to draw in a larger player base.

Payload is a popular mode, it was fairly easy to get players to join, and it is team-based, but the server has only been up a month so it would take a whole lot of work to even get it known enough to get a player base.

Given those facts, and to give us the best chance of showing results by the end of the year, we have chosen Harvest, Hightower, and 2Fort.

We will still need help from the community to fill and idle on the servers. If you help us, I think we can get these servers back in good standing fairly quickly. If you choose not to help us, you may not have a TF2 community at the end of the year. If you do help us, and we get these 3 servers back in good standing, they may allow us to have our Payload server again at a later date. Until then, we will have payload events from time to time for our players that miss that server.

Payload will be shut down on 11/14/2020. So we can play on Payload to give it a fond farewell as we sing and/or listen at Karaoke Night.​


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Payload was my favorite server :(

If it helps you, I've watched us get rid of payload rotation at least 8 times in the past decade lol. Seems to always attempt to return.

Too bad Valve really killed off community servers for regular maps... such are the times.
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