I was so naive


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Hey guys it’s your friendly Led

Just now happened to me something that extremely disappointed me.

I was back from a hospital night shift where I barely slept, and I turn my pc on and I connect to the dying TTT server and then I just do some admin work on my pc..

Then suddenly someone talks to me on steam, says how are you? And starts saying that he would like to buy my whole TF2 inventory I told him I needed csgo gloves which he answered positively showing me his csgo trade account which had a few pairs of gloves so I was like let’s go !

So we start getting into the trade talks and he tells me to log on a website called bitskins and to cut the story short...
I got scammed of almost all my steam inventory.

Let’s learn a lesson guys:
-When someone suddenly talks to you on steam and you don’t know be suspicious
-When you’re tired don’t get into trading
-don’t be naive with people you don’t know

I’m so pissed... anyways it got me to think I got to stop playing video games...
I probably won’t be as active anymore as seeing when playing that I lost all my cosmetics to a 11 year old I’m gonna lose it !
Alright thanks for the read


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Ouch. Those links are NEVER good. Too bad they took advantage of your tiredness. Sorry bro.


i love you ♥


Hey man, I lost a 428 dollar knife to some rando. itll get better g trust me, and if you need anything lmk im here for you.


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damn man that sucks, i remember i lost my 200$ gloves (first gold i ever unboxed) and i was clueless. sorry that happened


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Man thats harsh, idk what i would do, i dont have a ton of super valuable skins but i've spent a lot of time trading and unboxing and finding deals to get the skin i actually like. <3


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That’s stinks scams are so advanced now


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look on the bright side can't be scammed if you have nothing to get scammed out of

before u react read my signature


That sucks... And what's worse is that you can't prove that to Steam Support anyway either so ugh...

If anything, I can say for certain, that NONE will EVER be as nice to you in this platform when it comes to trading things. And sometimes, that also includes people acting nice and friendly to you anyway. Don't give up because of cosmetics though, they shouldn't be a decisive factor over your mood to play games.


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Thanks everyone for every answer you gave... it meant a lot !

I'd like to thank @Yankee wit no brim who did a giveaway that I won because that really brought back my mental health to a normal.

Love y'all and thanks again you guys are the best


- Yankee <3
Sorry this happened to you man I know the feeling about being scammed it’s such a shitty feeling it’s honestly crazy how some people sleep at night knowing they rob people out of money. Keep your head up man, you got this brother <3