Happy Memorial Day

This holiday was brought to you by people serving in the armed forces currently (Saosin, Lt. Wolf and Lance Criminal (who'd I miss?). Also the vets like myself and Kamikaze Tommy who have served in every war since the War of 1812. :D
Freedom is not free. When you play DOD try to imagine doing it in real life. It's not pretty and you don't respawn.

Happy Memorial Day

8 year USN Vet, Lifetime meber of the VFW here. I must admit my service was nothing like what our men and women currently in uniform are gong though. You all have my deepest respect.


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5 year USN Vet. All peacetime service aboard USS HALSEY CG-23. Those who gave their lives are honored today.

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My Step-DAD, WWII, Navy, Pearl Harbor Vet died last July. He was 80 yrs old and still had nightmare dreams about Pearl every day. I miss him, he did'nt tell me a whole lot about WWII,, and I know it still haunted him. He was proud to have served, i'm proud of him, and I miss him every day. :(


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My grandfather, before he passed away, would always say that we fight for those who cant.


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no matter what support our troops!! they are just doing what they are told....