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As we approach the holidays, EdgeGamers has decided to get together to have a cross-game event. Introducing, EdgeGamers Champions. This event will span over multiple days, and cover almost all of our supported games and clans. Each game will host their own event which all groups participate in to win points for their game. Right now, the polling for YOUR game is most likely up and waiting for your vote! View below for the list of polls that are open to all members of the community! These polls close on 11/22, so vote now!

CS:GO: https://www.edgegamers.com/threads/358061/
GTA: https://www.edgegamers.com/threads/358063/
MC: https://www.edgegamers.com/threads/358064/
OW: https://www.edgegamers.com/threads/358065/
RUST: https://www.edgegamers.com/threads/358066/
TF2: https://www.edgegamers.com/threads/358140/
GM: https://www.edgegamers.com/threads/358062/

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Cameo King 👑
holy cow that video is really well done I'm excited

Michael Bolton

This is America
GMod and a couple divisions did something very much like a few years back and it was a lot of fun! Can't wait to see this! Know it's going to be awesome!


birds are cool :)
Looks sick!!!!


EdgeGamers Fanatic
Now that’s epic