Can YOU Help Me?

Hey, so there's an algorithm on soundcloud that pushes higher viewed songs into personal playlists for people who listen to the same genre, and also for end of playlists it will randomize songs in said genre and push the more viewed and more active songs (i.e. likes, comments, reposts)

I was wondering if you could take a second out of your day and put one of my songs on repeat and like said song, you could have it up in the background muted, this would also help me get paid for my music and get more attention around the map in general, and who knows, maybe I've made a song that peaks your interest. If you were to do this I would love you eternally cause I really want to pursue music as a future way to make money.

My music is on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and if you really wanted to go the extra mile, there are tik tok sounds for my music. All you gotta do is just look up waviethekid on all these platforms and ill be the only one to pop up.

~waviethekid <3


EGO Is My Life!
I got you, I'll just put it on my pc when I go to school or I'm not on it.