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EdgeGamers has begun expanding into one of the biggest MMORPG in the world, World of Warcraft! We have also recently started a brand new official eGO Horde guild on the Stormreaver server called Secrecy which is allied to @Boo's guild on the Stormrage server called Aequilibria; both allowing you to interact with new players, as well as doing raids and end game dungeons with them. If you are interested in joining the guilds or meeting new people in the World of Warcraft community, join the official EdgeGamers WOW Discord. Now raise your Thunderfury, and join in congratulating @DigitalDJ, who will be joining @FirezFury as the new World of Warcraft Manager!


The latest expansion for World of Warcraft is finally here, Shadowlands is set to release on November 23rd and is ready to change up the game. Sylvanas has opened a path to the afterlife, and with it has brought a whole bunch of new content while an ancient force threatens to tear apart reality itself.

As players investigate the happenings of the shadowlands, they will start in the new hub, Oribos, The Eternal City, and from there will venture forth through 5 new zones, whether they be filled with rebirth and reward, or they be home to the vilest souls in the cosmos. Through their journey, they will also gain access to one of four covenants. Each with their own quests, campaigns, and brand-new abilities. Players can also experience a brand-new infinite dungeon, an eternal prison trapping some of Azeroth's greatest Heroes.

As well as new content, the leveling system has changed, allowing players to pick the expansion they want to level in. Players can follow Chromie to the past, and play the past experiences. If they want something a little new, they can level in the most recent expansion “Battle for Azeroth.” Past level 50 players experience the all-new content in the Shadowlands, while they grind their way up to level 60, which is the new level cap. When starting fresh, the World of Warcraft team has also brought a whole new bunch of character customizations so players can truly make their heroes their own.

When purchasing the new expansion, players will be able to choose from a few options that vary in price, and also in rewards. Below is an image showing the differences;

(Image taken from official Blizzard Shop)


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