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lately I haven't been active I've been taking a break to take care of myself, lately has just been so shitty for me. My addiction to nicotine has been on my mind a lot I always tell myself I'm going to quit soon but we all know how that goes I've been smoking (or Vaping) for a little over a year now and its the worst decision I've ever made in my life. I go through 8 juul pods in a week, lately I've been stopping and this past week or so I have stopped smoking I feel sick to my stomach everyday and can barley sleep but I know its what I need to do its destroying my body and consuming so much money, but this is the start of my journey to fully stop smoking I know its the best for me. but on a positive note I turn 20 next month and its crazy how fast life is flying by sometimes I wish I could go back in time and relive some of my memories as a kid crazy to think I'm leaving my teen years behind in a few weeks. hope you all are doing good!

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good luck i hope all is well. keep fighting, you’ll thank yourself. you can do it ! were all here for you


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Quitting nicotine was one of the best decisions I made for myself. Do it. You got this. You will conquer the addiction! Chew gum (not nicotine gum though, regular sugar-free gum) and get a stress ball to deal with the nasty hand to mouth habits. Bite your damn nails if you have to. You got this!!

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Yankee, the fight is worth it. I promise you. I've seen one of my friends go through it, and in the end, it changed his whole life. Everything. You got this, fight the fight!


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Nicotine patches work wonders associated with nicotine gum