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Sheeesh another one of these ey? Fine then, challenge accepted.
These are not in any specific order just here.

@bakr Legend this man is, need someone to talk to? Hes there. Need someone to carry you in rocket league? Hes there. Need a wonderful admin on TTT? Hes there. I know I can count on him. (Among Us sweat)
@Buster Even tho we don't talk as much as we used to, I love this guy, he's kinda a idiot but I still enjoy talking to him, he has his good and his bad moments to say the least, bullied me on TTT, one of my favorite e tags.
@b t This guy is special, he's had his ups and his downs like the rest of us, but still has his contagious laugh insert wheeeeeze here, he can be so serious and so immature all at the same time you really have no idea which bt your gonna get and that's what I love.
@SuperNova2501 Very chill guy, he's quite bad at video games but it's still enjoyable talking and hanging out with him.
@WavieTheKid Hes built different, literally, he is one crazy fella, I love hearing his crazy stories like there out of a movie, very kind, and spontaneous.
@Shayne This guy, I could probably make fun of him for 10 minutes straight, he makes fun of me when we play rocket league (big sad). He thinks hes a god at every video game which is false, we're very close (at least I think so) and talked about a lot of things before he got stolen by @SmeaR
@Grumpy Kitten pretty chill dude, breaks into my PRIVATE DS CHANNEL, while I'm deafened to, none the less hes really cool hosts bad events and is even worse at Minecraft,
@Power_Outlet Stop abusing into my channels bc you see @Divine in there

I'll prolly add more later but I gotta go for now : )
You used the wrong use of to. It is too*


We all have friends. Some of us will argue that statement but no matter what they say, it’s the truth. So let’s talk about friends. Who are your best friends from ego and why?

I have a few:

@Jensen this guy just spent the past 6 hours talking to me in comp and then by phone. He’s always there ready to say a funny joke or listen to me vent. He’s an upstanding guy and I love him.

@Yehhp this guy has been through all the drama that comes with running a division with me. He knows that I’ll always have his back and Vice versa. Always up to rant in teamspeak or to talk via text/Snapchat. He’s been an amazing person to be on this journey with. He’s my guy, love you man.

@sopheyy we don’t play games together because she always screams at me and calls me bad. She gets mad because I can’t aim, but she checks up on me even when we are 4000 miles apart. She’s proof that even when you hate someone you can end up being great friends.

@Funky, he was my yehhp and Jensen back in 2009, he taught me how to play and we talk a lot about life. He’s a good buddy.

I know there’s more people, but these are the guys I talk to the absolute most!

ooof this post is cringy, but it’s 4AM and I can’t sleep for shit......share your friends too peeps

my favorite bish <3


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@WavieTheKid Coolest cat around you're gonna blow up the time is near you have a lot of people backing you <3
@bakr one of the most genuine & most caring people in less then 48hrs of knowing you you've helped me out a lot <3
@Buster Thank you for being there like I only knew you for less then 24hrs and you've helped me so much <3
@acidity been my friend since day one hey simpin ain't easy
@nimmyjeutron the late night joke nights is what keeps me going, but really funny dude, p.s he's actually American
@CT 5555 You're very funny and we can just sit and talk to you and it never gets dry
@ScaryLarry Thanks for listening to me rant i know i've never talked to you before but you got to know me really quick <3


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Everyone in this community is a great a treasured friend to me
Only thing that i have to say is you are all wonderful and terrific people And enjoy your thanksgiving<3




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I used moms credit card to buy this


I honestly think if I @ a couple of people then it won't justify all the people who have been cool with me on eGO.
Every time I hop on a server I end up having a good time. The positivity in everyone just makes things 10x better.
Shoutout to all the people I've met on Among Us that are super chill. All of the JB, TTT, Surf, and Minigames people that have been cool with me deserve a shoutout too. Shoutout to the COD Squad as well.
Like I said there is just so many people I can say that are my "best friends" on eGO, but a few I will @ just because they really painted things out for me.
@sopheyy Thanks for having my back all the time and helping me out with things.
@Larry_Da_Lobster You keep it real most of the time... but all jokes aside I literally can count on you for anything.
@TropicalGod Keep on maturing little homie and I'll see you with a nice ole eGO tag one day.
There are so many people that I can @ and I know I said this before, but I appreciate all of you.

Oh yeah a couple more things, @bakr I appreciate the comment and I think you are also one of the most chill people out on eGO as well. @luxworld I respect how determined you are to win even on an Among Us game lol.

Much Love Homies <3


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Most people I've met in eGO are pretty awesome, but these are the ones I've probably played / talked with the most.

@savageegravy very stupid
@Simpy wife and fellow member of the bean cult
@anas worst ttt and rust player 2020
@Godzilla smells extremely bad
@DeerFat fattest deer i've ever seen
@Kendle a ken doll and has burned two bean shrines (HERESY)
@redchance red bed
@kwamaking KWAMA MAMA
@Dittiwo bito wito
@JuVe913 cool ttt badmin
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Everyone in this community is a great a treasured friend to me
Only thing that i have to say is you are all wonderful and terrific people And enjoy your thanksgiving<3
wing no matter what anyone says your still a nerd and i will always win them steam messages