The Return of Community Spotlight


Good afternoon EdgeGamers!

After a month or so of discussion and planning for how to improve and ensure the longevity of Community Spotlight, I'm pleased to present to you our plan.

Per year, Member Services Leadership will be hosting four Community Spotlight votes, all three months apart - scheduled to take place in March, June, September, and December. On each ballot, members of eGO will be able to mention who they're voting for (to ensure it's the exact person they are voting for), and provide a statement complimenting who they voted for. The statements will be used to compile a commendation post once the vote has concluded. Every first and third voting period--March and September--members of the community will also be able to vote for a Leadership Spotlight, where only Managers and up are eligible. This Leadership Spotlight vote will occur along side the normal Community Spotlight vote, and will be on the same ballot.

All members of EdgeGamers are eligible to vote or be elected Community Spotlight member, meaning only e through Executive can vote or be mentioned in ballots.

Once votes have been counted, if the results are very close, a tie, or inconclusive due to other circumstances, the Community Management team will be tasked with choosing a final winner, this goes for both Community and Leadership Spotlight.

Members are not eligible to win twice in a row.

Winners of both Community and Leadership Spotlight will be awarded the following:​
1 month of free dedicated supporter;
a forum award;
a commendation post; and
the Community Spotlight role in TeamSpeak and Discord for 3 months.​
This is a graphic of next year's voting schedule:

Red - No voting occurs
Blue - Only Community Spotlight Voting
Blue & Gold - Community Spotlight and Leadership Spotlight Voting
Green - Last day of voting

This project will be a collaboration between Member Services and Media Team.

As the schedule denotes, we will begin our first vote using this new system on December 1st, so keep an eye out for the form, which will be posted in a breaking news thread!

If you have any questions regarding Community Spotlight feel free to get in contact with @Divine or me.



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