Meet The Leadership - M4A1-S


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As the weather gets colder and the nights darker, we invite you to cozy up and sit around the fire as we introduce you to M4A1-S. He has been a part of the community for over 4 years now and has had a big hand in managing and running the World of Warships division. Aside from his dedication to his own division, you can also catch him on our TF2, GMod, and even Minecraft servers from time to time. M4 has been an invaluable asset to all of EdgeGamers and has done an amazing job thus far as Senior Manager for World of Warships. Be sure to thank him for all his hard work and dedication when you see him!

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Pog i’ll have to listen to this when i’m home from work.

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@M4A1-S was an absolute pleasure my guy


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Awesome post :)

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Your name now makes more sense knowing you came into the community from CS JB!