TF2 December Seeding/Idle Contest

idle contest header.png

Artist: @december | Writer: @DrkChocolate | Editor: @december

Hello Team Fortress 2 Community,

Team Fortress 2 Leadership would like to announce a contest during the month of December. During this month, we (TF2 LE) will be watching the activity status and game time of members who join one of our three servers: Harvest, 2Fort and Hightower. During this time, members who have 90% or more on the activity standing on on TF2 will be added to a spreadsheet. Your name can be entered a total of twenty (20) times. Each day you sign in and sit idle or play, you will be entered to win a $50 Amazon Giftcard. If you come to events during the month of December, you will also be entered a total of 10 more times, the max being 30. The drawing will occur on December 24th at 11pm. Think of this as an early Christmas present from the TF2 team to you!

We hope to see you on the servers!

=(eGO)= | 24/7 HARVEST TDM | NO CRITS | FAST+ | EdgeGamers

=(eGO)= | 24/7 HIGHTOWER TDM | NO CRITS | FAST + |

=(eGO)= | 24/7 2FORT TDM | NO CRITS | FAST+ |