QWAW: What is your favourite part about the month of december ?


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I decided to bring this back, took a break from doing it because of just issues with not having work, and wanted to transition into my new job nicely...

I really liked the whole festive days from 23rd to the 31st where you stay up till midnight for a whole new year. Those days jist bring joy to me and make me the happiest. Also watching home alone 40 times is pretty pog


Brilliant Crimson
How festive everyone is throughout the month, everywhere you go there is something bright and cheery


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Christmas Eve making cookies with everyone, and waking up Christmas morning to still to this day waking everyone up at 7am by jumping on them or being very loud.


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waking everyone up at 7am by jumping on them or being very loud.
literally what i do. i cant sleep on christmas eve im p excited so at like 6am i (used to at least :( ) go into my parents rooms after waking up my sister and just hit them with pillows and stuff. they get annoyed but they usually get up in about 10 minutes as my sister and i sit by the tree waiting as they make coffee and stuff.

my fav part is just being festive and being excited on christmas eve , i love getting people gifts as well


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I really enjoy watching Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music, definitely happy vibes


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my birthday >:]
jk lmfao. unless....?

nah but for real, I love december. i love winter as well and cold temps, and around my part of the US we get all 4 seasons so I desperately look forward to this time. i dont really like the holidays TOO much bc honestly my family is kind of broken, and a lot of tension comes around these times but, december is still great and it makes me overall happy to experience the change of the seasons and admire how pretty the world can be even when the leaves are off the trees and skies are a bit grey!


just vibin
The cinnamon pinecone things, they just really have a Christmasy smell.
and I guess my birthday being right next to Christmas too :)