If you are an eGO only. Please post in the Transfers section. If you want admin for TF2 CS:S or CoD4 (And what ever other game we get into).

If you are an eG or an e. Please do not post in the transfer section. You do not have to post there.

Please do not post in the recuriting office if you have already posted a recuritiment thread in another division. If you have started out on Game1(DoD:S), you do not need to post in Game2(TF2) vice versa.

eGO's only transfer over. eG's do not.


If you started on DoD:S, and you get promoted to eG on DoD:S. You do not get admin on TF2. Why? Because you are not at the eGO rank. Its a perk when you become eGO. So when you are playing in a TF2 server please have the game you started at on the back of your name like below.

And any other game we get into. Please use the format above.

When you get promoted to eGO on DoD:S. That is when you post a Transfer Request to a different game for eGO admin. When you hit eGO level You do not need to have a tag at the end of your name. Like above. If you have any questions. Please contact support.
Agreed, I cant seem to find it and I would really like to become part of the TF2 group as I am currently on only the DoD:S section.