December Community Spotlight Form


It's here, and only 9 days late!

Voting for December Community Spotlight is now open! You can cast your vote here. Please ensure the username of the person you vote for is their exact forum username and follow the instructions on the form itself.

You may only vote once and once your vote is casted you may not change it. Requests to have your vote changed will be immediately closed.

Not sure what the Community Spotlight program even is? Check out this post.

If you have any other question feel free to get in contact with MS Leadership or make a Contact Leadership post.



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vote for vote
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Very difficult choice


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@Buster this is being fixed, i’ll let you know when you’ll be able to vote.

As for anyone else who has their e in MAUL but don’t have it on the forums, please either private message me or just tag me in this thread and i’ll get it fixed for you ASAP.


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Yoo this is sick, go vote if you haven't already!