Any ever had htis problem?


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Im in the game, and lets say i play for about a while, sometimes in my game however, it freezes up, and i cant alt tab or ctrl alt del.

And the sound just repeats over and over(example a repeating explosion sound)

every now and then however if i wait it out(if i have the paitence) my comp goes back to normal, and then if i launch dod its in windows mode, and it terminates itself.

suggestions? thx

its not a big enough problem though, but i wondered if anyone else has had this problem, its just annoying. soluitons?
It's funny, I just fixed this problem on my own system. I had a Sound Blaster X-Fi that I had bought off a friend for cheap after he won it in a contest. I had been using the card for around a year and a half. But then, out of the blue, it started to do that in my games. It also did it in Civilization IV and Counter-Strike Source. I had a CompUSA brand sound card in my backup box that I had bought for $30 when the onboard blew out on that machines motherboard. So I uninstalled my X-Fi, put that sound card into its old spot, and sure enough, I haven't had that problem since. So, depending on what you are using for audio, switch it out for something else. This ([link=]link[/link]) card is very cheap, so it won't hurt your wallet if it doesn't work.
This could be caused by an innumerable amount of things. What's the Specs of your PC? If you do not have a lot of RAM or if there are a lot of background programs running, this can slow down the game and cause it to freeze up. Scheduled programs (such as virus scans) can also periodically slow down your game.
I don't know if this is the same problem, but my computer, after maybe 45 minutes of use in DoD (full everything, including antiallaising), my computer will freeze for maybe 2 minutes. It'll start repeating the last sound and freeze the screen.

This, however, I believe is a processor issue because when this happens, my computer drive swaps like crazy. I'm pretty sure my CPU is full tilt (AMD Athlon 64 3000 - 2.2 Ghz) and my side bus is also pretty tiny compared to most computers these days. long as i wait it out, it's fine. It sounds like your issue could be more of a heat issue. Windows does funny things when the GPU processor is overheated.

Hope that helps.
What you're talking about is a "crash with looping sounds". Try the Steam support system and Valve support as well. Forums for both websites will help too. I had this problem among many others when I first bought DoD:S. I did a LOT of things to stop it, but I can't remember them all. Make sure you're video drivers are up to date.
I had a problem like this as was an easy fix for me though...1st i updated all my drivers and did virus scan, spy bot, and an ad-aware scan, 2nd i lowered the Auto OC on my MOBO..and more in-game freeze w/ a looping sound for me.....for atleast 2 months now. run DXDIAG to make sure your directX is running smoothly
I have the same problem, it is clearly a heat issue for me. I figured it was a heat issue when I took the case off and put a desk fan directly aimed at my MoBo, the problem was mended. In time I reapplied the thermal grease on both my processor and GPU. Problem still isn't fixed. My video card is not overclocked or anything. I run a Geforce 6600 AGP 256mb. I figured I just need more system cooling. But this problem only arose as of late. So something might have went bad and I don't know about it. I was thinking about installing a 120mm fan on the side of the case right across from the video card to see if that helps. My computer is completely dust free because I dust it out every week.
There are many things that can cause problems like you described.

As a general rule there are a few things we all need to do to keep our systems happy. As stated a good cleaning at least once a year is a good thing. However, if you have a clean house you have to clean your computer less. Also if you have your computer sitting on the ground if you can raise it up just a few inches with a stand of some sort that keeps it clean as well. Over cleaning is bad. Every time you pop the case and mess with the inside thee is a chance you can damage something no matter how careful you are. So clean is good but don’t take a dust buster toy our rig ever other day.

When you clean be sure and reseat your cards and memory. Oxidation on the contacts can cause bad connections. Usually just reseating them is all you need to do. If you know how you can take some contact cleaner to them but don’t do this unless you are familiar with the process.

Keeping Windows updated and your drivers for sound and video is important. As Micro$soft messes with direct X sometimes your drivers need an update to keep things running properly.

Anti-virus/spyware/malware/firewall is a necessity. I like McAfee and Spy sweeper. Pick your poison. Sometimes it’s a pain to get this setup properly but you will be happier in the long run if you do.

I also have a third party memory manager to help clean up the memory while the machine is running. I use FreeramXP Pro. Search for the recent version.

Run only what you need to run in the background. Shut off the cute little screensaver programs and crap that tells you the weather and time in 25 different countries around the world etc…. Run what you need and nothing else.

Check your system event log with things go wrong. Sometime it takes a while to hunt down the meaning of what you find but it’s a good start.

Refrain from download hacks, cheats etc.. for ANY game. More times that not that garbage is just gunking up your PC, installing a software to steal your passwords or a Trojan backdoor anyway.

If you like to build and upgrade your own stuff and you think you know more than me feel free to disregard everything I say but this: Do NOT cut corners on the quality of your memory, motherboard, and power supply. Buy the best name brands with lifetime warranties you can afford.
There are many things that can cause problems like you described.


Run only what you need to run in the background. Shut off the cute little screensaver programs and crap that tells you the weather and time in 25 different countries around the world etc…. Run what you need and nothing else.



ahh so having the animated gifs of everyones avatar for my background is probably a bad idea?? :p

also turn off AIM, YIM, MSN, any steam programs (sdk, sds, other steam games) those will take memory and CPU as if it were addicted to a drug... some how running synergy and hl2 for instance doesnt quite work out (tried it ... not a good idea x) )