Media Team Public Meeting!!! // December 13th, 2020


Media Team Public Meeting!!! - December 13th, 2020
Surprise! Sorry for such late notice...

Hey EdgeGamers, the Media team will be hosting a community meeting on December 13th, 8:30 PM EST, on the EdgeGamers TeamSpeak for everyone to come. It should run no later than 9:00 PM EST. We will be discussing the growth of media in the past year and a special little teaser announcement. At the end of the meeting, we will be holding a q&a/suggestions topic, where you, the players, can ask questions or suggest things you would like to see from Media. Members of media will be given priority during the meeting due to their dedication and hard work. We hope to see you there!

Date of meeting: December 13th
Time of meeting: 8:30 PM EST
Location of meeting: TeamSpeak - (Media Lobby)

If you have any questions, feel free to DM @webby either on the forums, or

Artist: @heidi | Writer: @Martin | Editor: @webby


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I lost my notes :) so this is from memory

- Introductions, xValence (CM) webby (SM) december (Art Manager) Cloud (Video Manager) heidi (Socials Manager) Dr Havok (Community Polling)
- Check out EdgeGamers' Amazon affiliate link! CLICK ME!
- Socials has undergone a big revamp a little while ago and are always accepting new members. If you think you are creative and want to help out the community a bit more, feel free to apply in the application for socials below this post
- Along with that, applications are open for all departments. Check below this post for all the ways you can apply to the Media Team.
- All artist applications will be responded to this week so make sure to get in your apps asap
- Boom! The podcast has been announced, and will more than likely be up and running by February. It has taken quit the big deal of work and effort from Cloud and his team to get this going.
- Stream Team is making a comeback. Headed by webby with 3 main helpers, applications will open sometime in January. Accepting at most 5 - 6 people for the start to see how it goes and build off of it there. Check below for more information on Stream Team.
- Got any cool clips that you want featured on the EdgeGamers YouTube channel? Check out THIS THREAD!

Stream Team will not run like how it used to. In the past, streamers would stream to the official EdgeGamers Twitch channel, and we would go from there. This time around, individual streamers will stream from their own channels with viewers being funneled and advertised to their stream, growing THEM. In return, they will be slightly advertising for us as well, in terms, we scratch your back you scratch ours. The EdgeGamers Twitch channel will be primarily used for big events and such (LIKE THE UPCOMING 5V5 CS SERVER SHOWOFF ON SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19TH!!) More info to come sometime in January.

"Who will be chosen to join the Stream Team?"
- so far I have 3 people who are helping me "spearhead" it. I am looking for 5 - 6 more people that will undergo an application process. There are no requirements in terms of numbers, just that you stream, enjoy streaming, are in good standing with the community, and have shown passion / interest in the community.

"Who will be chosen to go on the podcast?"
- A thread will be made for those who would like to be on the podcast. Sort of like a sign up. Cloud and his right hand man will be on mostly every podcast, with special guest(s), and invitee(s).

"Can the Socials team start making memes?"
- If you have that creative spark for meme culture, and are wanting to help us be "funnier", then by all means feel free to apply below for socials and bring the idea up with the Socials Manager (heidi).

"What kind of events will be run on the EdgeGamers Twitch?"
- Bigger community events, for example if MC were to host a community wide survival games, it would more than likely be streamed on the EdgeGamers Twitch channel. Same thing with other games. IF YOU ARE A MANAGER+ FOR A GROUP AND WOULD LIKE ONE OF YOUR BIGGER EVENTS STREAMED ON THE TWITCH CHANNEL, PLEASE CONTACT webby#0666 ON DISCORD OR ON THE FORUMS (webby) **WITH A PLAN**. If you are just an EC but think this would still be a good idea, speak to your EC Manager, who might then speak with me. I'm not scary I promise.

Wanting to join Media? Check out these ways on how to apply!
Socials - Fill out THIS APPLICATION!
Video - Message Cloud on the forums, or on
Writing - Message webby on the forums, or on

I'm sure there are some things I missed here as I lost my notes but this is the big majority of it. Sorry for it getting up so late, been swamped with work.
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