Greetings From an Old Friend


EGO Addict
How's everyone? It's been a while (5 months) since I left the clan and went on the website. Long story short, a lot can happen in a span of just a few months, and a lot did. I thought it would be cool if I dropped in now and then to catch up with all you guys (and girls if there are any here). There sure are a lot of new faces, but a lot of familiar ones too. 819 Members! Being number 79 makes me feel like I joined during the real World War II. Nice to know you guys are still growing and maintaining a positive gaming experience for all who join the server. Or should I say, servers. I'm looking forward to playing with you guys again, and preferably fragging you. :p

Shoutout to Redshift. I appreciate it, Vince. Also, you better start playing DoD more Jake, or I'll have to start owning you in your own Wake Island server. Wouldn't want that, now would you, Mr. Gunnery Sergeant.

Oh, and lol @ still being in the top ten posters list. :p
Oh crap, you still kept your post count?? Now you'll be even more insufferable! where's that mg.....
Wow, nice to see you back Nox, havent heard from you in awhile. Come visit us in the server some time
Is Lt. Waffle still around by any chance? Haven't seen him in forever. He's the one that first got me into the clan. Hit me up if you're around, Waffle.

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