Overwatch 1v1 Tournament!

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Saturday, January 9th, 3 PM EST

Celebrating the New Year, Overwatch will be hosting its first tournament! The style of the tournament will be a 1v1 limited duel double-elimination bracket. The tournament will be held in the eGO Overwatch discord.
Sign-ups will be available until January 6th at 3 PM EST (<- subject to change)
More information will be given on the discord in a week.

Sign-up requirements

~ You must be at least be a =(e)= tag + and have good standings in the community.
~ You must be a member of the eGO Overwatch discord.

Application to join the tournament is found here
Note: you must have your Overwatch SR (if ranked) on hand

You heard that right, We will be giving away a prize pool of $100!
1st Place - $50 Amazon Gift Card
2nd Place - $30 Amazon Gift Card
3rd Place - $20 Amazon Gift Card

Tournament Format

Once you have signed up for the tournament, you will be manually seeded into the bracket by Overwatch Leadership. The style of the bracket is double elimination. If you want to follow the bracket, which will get updated live during the event, click this and head over to the tournament tab. The game mode that we will play is a 1v1 limited duel. For those of you that don't know what this is, each player will be given 3 random characters to chose from at the start of each round. Whoever comes out on top wins. Each match is the best of 1 except the winners and losers finals, which is the best of 3.

Tournament Hosts
If you have any questions feel free to ask @EDisch222, @Wish or @b t on the forums, or find them on discord!

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