What are your musical extremes?


Forever Kleiner
By extremes, I mean what are two types of music you listen to that are extremely different from each other, but you enjoy both? I thought about this thread because these two songs came up in a row during my shuffle

These are my extremes, Opeth is one of the only death metal bands I like, mostly I stick to symphonic and power metal like Epica, Kamelot, Nightwish, Therion, etc. I just don't like things being too heavy... Opeth being the exception since the composition is godly. My girlfriend got me into vocaloids, and honestly at first I was skeptical and still am to maybe half the songs I listen to, but when the tuning is good I can really get hooked on it. I was already into anime osts, so vocaloids weren't too different.

Here are a few other extreme examples;




I am open to any genre, if it speaks to my heart and soul, I'll enjoy it. Some of my music choices are extreme in differences for sure, with many types of songs on my playlists.