Garry's Mod Closing

After difficult consultation with our Garry's Mod leaders, it has been decided to close down our Garry's Mod servers. We would like to thank the Garry's Mod leaders, admins, and all members of the community who devoted time to Garry's Mod revival. Several talented individuals contributed countless hours into developing, administrating, and driving player base growth, we greatly appreciate the efforts put forth. While it is never easy to make decisions like this, we’re coming away from this venture with knowledge gained that will ultimately help with future growth of the community.
Garry's Mod will close on January 1st, 2021.

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Every single one of you guys who participated in this game were absolute gems to the community. I hope to continue seeing you around elsewhere. Don't be strangers. You deserve the world.


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We tried our best, sadly it was an uphill battle and many factors just made it a little too difficult to succeed. Even though we are closing do not give up hope! Once S&box is released I will be a big supporter of us getting into it. One big issue that always existed the past 5 or so years when trying to create servers on Gmod, whether it be GC, Fearsome or EGO, is the fact that the competition is already established, so no matter how much effort we put into things, its hard to pull attention away from those communities that have already established themselves as the gmod kingpins. With our knowledge and creativity, I believe when S&box is released we can establish ourselves right away and become a kingpin of s&box.

Today may be a sad day, but I have faith that our attempts at gmod will only strengthen us once S&box comes out. In the meantime, I'll be moving to Overwatch to try and help out there.

If you talk to Para, Boo, Taka, Joe, Stone or anyone else who helped out in Gmod, please praise them for their efforts because they tried their hardest to make Gmod work. I emphasize this especially for @TomSL , because making ZS and TTT as amazing as possible was his baby, and I cannot thank him enough for all the hard work he did.


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Thank you gmod leadership for all your hard work... you guys where amazing sad to see gmod shut down :(

Extremely well done @TomSL You did great


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ZS main, the absolute shitcader here.

In the end it all came down to the factors that Cel has mentioned in his post. The days of GMOD glory have long gone but let us learn from this experience. In the meantime, I want to thank a few individuals below for the time we spent together in GM:
  • @Boo Fear. As bad as I am at TTT, thank you for helping me out whenever I needed a good ol' ping in the Discord.
  • @TAKA 🖐️👁️👄👁️🤚 Please free your dog :) Thank you for doing your best to make sure that GM succeeded, you were a great ComMgr. Most of all, I commend you for putting up with @kuantum.
  • @Para great guy. It's a shame that our event team never manifested the way it was envisioned, but it was fun imagining what could've been. Stay in touch.
  • @JoeMo Thank you for always providing a bright sense of humor (as I like to put it) for all to see, I expect more of those in the future.
  • @Stonecutters The TTT shenanigans were very much appreciated and very nice to experience. Hang in there!
  • @TomSL You poured your blood and sweat into trying to make GM work again and I absolutely commend you for that. Thank you.
  • @YoungRiku Even though you didn't stay long, thank you for envisioning a ZS that we all strove to create, one to enjoy.
  • @Sarge Thank you for all your efforts into ensuring that our team remained guided even during rather uncertain times.
  • @CelDamage Fun guy to be around, long live Flood. I suck at OW more than I do at TTT but it's awesome to see that you're here to stay, good luck in your future endeavors.
  • @Bergendy I hope that life is treating you well bro, you were an absolute beast of a mentor to the younglings who hopped on ZS. Long live supercar97.
As for me, I plan on applying to MS full-time as soon as apps open and should I be accepted, I plan on becoming a team member. I look forward to that, I hope to see many of my fellow GM veterans here on eGO in the future.

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RIP gmod you will be missed 😢


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Considering this was kind of “round 2” of Gmod in eGO, you guys gave it your best shot. Despite me not playing Gmod I did see some creative ideas and cool stuff added to the servers. Thanks for the effort. Onto the next thing.


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farewell gmod community


thank you Gmod for all the work you put into the servers! It all wasn't for nothing, you guys gave it a good shot.
Happy to have met all you LE gm members. and i hope you stick around regardless <3