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my dad just got DoDS tonight and i invited him to play on the donnor server with me. but then a few minutes after he joined i was blinded for having a ghost computer so i left immediately. i understand what that is but i was wondering of there was a way to prove that two people were actually playing at the same time so that this wouldnt happen? my dad wasnt blinded or anything so i also wanted to know how it chooses which one it blinds since i was on the server first.
yeah its how it is when me and naniekso were playing at his house thats happening to us all the time so that you cant tell him hey he's in the XYZ with sniper
i'm cuputer stupid, but i have 2 computers, in different rooms, and me and my step-son's will sometimes play at same time, same server, no probs ???????? other server sites will make my screen go blank when I get killed ??????, but still not problems both playing same server ?? 8)
Just thought of something,,, I think ??? both of my computers have slightly different IP address' ? 8)
I assume that your internet connection is going through a cable or dsl modem. I further assume that you're using the default configuration setting that causes the modem to be a DHCP server. This allows you to hook up any computer without specifying an IP address. I've never heard of a problem like this that could be traced back to hardware.

My guess is that both of you are using the same copy of steam/dod:s/hl and maybe the same account name.
they cant be using the same steam id cuz them it would disconnect them and say this steam id is being used in another location ....or am i wrong?
the person that gets blinded is the first to die, when the other dies your vision should go back to normal
I've noticed this at a few LAN parties, but it isn't that big of a deal. As soon as you re-spawn your vision returns. Or at least that has been my experience.
To the best of my knowledge this is server-side or built-into the game. There isn't anyway to bypass it unless you can get your ISP to give you multiple IP's. Even though your two systems have different internal IP's, your router only has one external IP and it's going to look like both your systems are coming form that single external IP.

I'd do some Googling and see if there is more info on this out there.

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