My journey from Viet Nam to USA


Today, I got an idea to be active on forums by telling you guys my adventure experiences: thanks to the blessed miracles from God and Ave Maria, I had a chance to pass the student visa and flew to the USA in September 2016, i was just a little 18-year-old dude just graduated from high school so I felt lonely, scared and confused when moved to the new environment where people speak multi-languages and they had red/black/yellow/hairs, but I was confident to approach them to ask directions and many weird questions about American airports, be continued
Prologue: Really guys, I don't know which title should i put in this, any suggestions

Best regards,

Tuan Tran( people called me Minh but it's okie cuz in Vietnamese, example John Lovely Smith, must written in this order: Smith Lovely's lovely isn't it


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Awesome! Keep it up!

Where did you grow up? (Province/City) and where did you fly into?


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Same dude I was like 8 when I moved here and I had to redo 3rd grade cause I was little dumb in the head.
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We should add flags to the forums. Like our Game Tracker site HERE to show how international we are.

Any way more about you, @minhtuanlane98!