Journey to USA( part 2)


Well I got picked up by international student ambassadors, they helped me packing my suitcases and gave me a ride to my dorm or apartment not really sure but you guys can google the name "Titan Court"- first place I lived while i stayed in Oregon, I became good friends with receptionists right there and I enjoyed lots of community events right there and watched American College Football: Oregon vs the team i forgot the name, while i was there, I luv to order Pizza, pasta and drink, spicy chicken nuggets( i think with spicy chilli). I shared room with other Japanese students and one RUssian dude but Japanese were bullying and mocking my accent and so on, they thought they were higher class citizens( i dunno why), I was crying a lot and came to assistance of international ambassador to move my room to the better one with white american roommates, well I had to clean their dishes/bowls they left in the kitchen( very stinky and dirty lol, my viet mom would be yelling at me and told me to clean be continued..that's all i remembered today..thanks for reading guys..i have limited English words so I will do my best to tell my amazing/crazy/tired adventures..before I join US Army in 2022


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Bro your story is interesting to hear, no worries! If anything, you have a FAR better command of English than I do :)


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americans stink, we are called the melting pot but like no one wants to accept when people are different????? anyways this story is epic and thank you for your (future) service to the country <3