Weazel News | Exclusive Interview with Self-Appointed "Sheriff" Jackson (IC)


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Weazel News Anchor: Late last night an unknown officer in the Los Santos Police Department was in a pursuit that turned deadly for the officer. Right now we have an Exclusive interview with the man who killed that officer. This interview is sponsored by Ammu-Nation.

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Weazel News Anchor: Now to that exclusive interview!


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For privacy reasons we will be blurring out "Sheriff" Jackson's Face & Body

Weazel News Interview: Mr. Jackson it is very nice to meet you and we appreciate that you are taking your time to conduct this interview.

"Sheriff" Jackson: Please address me by my rank...

Weazel News Interview: Yes "Sheriff" Jackson. How did you get your rank in the BCSO?

"Sheriff" Jackson: Early this week I appointed myself to that position. I think I will be a great fit. I've already done so much for the community!

Weazel News Interview: What vehicle do you patrol around in?

"Sheriff" Jackson: I patrol around in a Dodge Charger most of them time.

Weazel News Interview: Mr. Jackson... I mean "Sheriff" Jackson did you kill an officer in the LSPD last night?

"Sheriff" Jackson: Yes, I had to take care of a problem. I can assure you that it won't be the last problem I solve.

Weazel News Interview: What do you mean problems? and who gave them to you?

"Sheriff" Jackson: Lets just say I was given a list of problems that need to be solved throughout the city. I will solve them if it is the last thing I do. I'd prefer not to answer any more questions today.

Weazel News Interview: Well you heard it hear folks at home this isn't the last of self-appointed "Sheriff" Jackson. We will keep you informed with information regarding his career. Back to Jamie in the studios!

Warning: "Sheriff" Jackson is not a real Sheriff within the BCSO


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so the real question is do you have to stop for him if he tries to pull you over?????????