Journey to the USA( small part not part 3 yet)


Hi Guys, i am back again so today I just want to tell you guys about my funny Laser tags experiences with Americans and international students, i was still wearing sweater and i got lots of sweat, our team won two rounds after battling back and forth( 40 vs 40 or 30 vs 30) i forgot so I was a rifleman sweeping thru the enemy line and kept shooting their bases, the more you damaged to base the more points ur team got, and we were playing in the dark narrow room i was naer the top player of leaderboard, well let you guys know that I got AK-47 skills when i was in high school so we basically learned basic military training in high school from grade 10th to grade 12th but i almost forgot all of it lol, i got A+ yes....I made lots of new friends after the game...i also tried to flirt lots of white gals but it's another story to be told in my incoming i am going to drop my car at the bodyshop to fix my rear bumper and apply for new job..wish me luck..also today is the biggest day in USA congress..


Poster Extraordinaire
lol..."learned basic military training in high school"