Greetings, Kid.n here


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Who am I

My name is Kid.n also referred to as "Amar B." in any documents, I'm a MC white dude who had been rapping for about 6 years now, I'm also a GFX/VFX editor and an entertainer.
Other than that, I play Overwatch, Left 4 Dead 2 and sometimes Minecraft (Mostly Overwatch).

Personal Information

  • First Name: Amar
  • Preferred nickname: Kid.n
  • Height: 6 foot 5 (Around 194cm)
  • Current Occupation: Mixing Engineer & Video Editor
  • Current Work: Internet Junkie Records (Artist)
  • Workplace time: 3 months

Overwatch Info

  • ID: Crankypants#285734
  • Main: Reaper (200+ hours)
  • Seasonal Ranking: 2496(Best) < 2470 (Current)
  • Looking for a group?: Active


Chocolate Milk Lover
Senior Manager
Finally someone I can look eye to eye without straining my neck.

Welcome, feel free to come out to some MS events for variety some time

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I already know you dude but welcome. I'm sure media team would love to have your editing skills. Message @heidi or @webby if you wanna join 👍