2020 Recap: Thank You EdgeGamers.


EdgeGamers 2020 Recap. Thank you, EdgeGamers. - January 11th, 2020

This year has been troubling for most - some out of work, some out of school. With all this craziness surrounding our world, we all come together and share the same common interests. Gaming. We have all opted into joining a community of gamers that is supportive, unique, kind, and punk-free. Life as we know will never be the same, but EdgeGamers is proud to be with you during the hard times. We are impressed and excited by everyone’s efforts over the past year and we are excited for 2021. We have made tremendous efforts to give you a more enjoyable experience on our servers and groups. We love to see you all enjoying these efforts, that many people have worked hard towards achieving. Please take time to thank those around you! While it has been a rough year, you made the most of it. Happy New Year and thank you. Here's to 2021!

EdgeGamers The Movie (2020)

EdgeGamers FREE DLC Expansions

World of Warships

On March 7th, 2020, EdgeGamers has officially announced that it will be renewing its support in World of Warships. World of Warships will be lead by 2Slow and M4A1-S as it will be receiving a brand new coat of paint.

Destiny 2
On March 12th, 2020, EdgeGamers proudly announced, that they will be adding Official support for Destiny 2, a free-to-play multiplayer game created by Bungie. Which will be lead by Power_Outlet and his managers; Forteces, Divine, and Jubbs

On April 2nd, 2020, EdgeGamers was excited to announce a new Rust 3x eGO Helicopter Pvp & Training 101 server. The server will be new to the community but has actively had a 25 player counter for the past month. Rust will be lead by Godzilla, and he will be assisted by redchance and kwamaking.

Garry’s Mod
On April 19th, 2020, Garry’s Mod officially made a return to EdgeGamers. Leadership from two former Garry’s Mod communities, Garry’s Community and Fearsome Gaming, will be taking charge of it. There will be two official supported gamemodes during our re-opening of Garry’s Mod, Zombie Survival, and Trouble in Terrorist Town.

On October 3rd, 2020, EdgeGamers has begun exploring into supporting two new games, Overwatch and Squad. Overwatch makes a return to EdgeGamers as a project to see if it piques interest in the community. Overwatch will be lead under Wish as Senior Manager, assisted by Edisch222 and CelDamage as Manager.

Squad is brand new when it comes to being a supported game in EdgeGamers and showing plenty of Opportunities. Squad was fully released on steam on September 23rd, 2020, driving many players to check it out as it was on sale and is the perfect opportunity for EdgeGamers to try it out. Squad is currently being lead by AdurpAdurp and Coder

World of Warcraft
On November 19th, 2020, EdgeGamers began expanding into one of the biggest MMORPG globally, World of Warcraft, after FirezFury has been working tirelessly in exploring many different opportunities. World of Warcraft will be lead by FirezFury, who will be assisted by DigitalDJ as Manager.

What Happened in 2020 Around These Parts?


3dsam1 promoted to Manager in Member Services
Oblixion promoted to Manager in GTA
Peoples People promoted to Manager in CSGO


Team Fortress 2 releases Jailbreak server
Drewerth receives Distinguished Server award
Minecraft 1.15 Survival release


Member Services hosts March Madness
Arbiter becomes Director of Operations
Coder gets promoted to Sr. Manager in Media
xValence becomes Community Manager of Media
World of Warships Renewal
Destiny 2 becomes an EdgeGamers supported game
EdgeGamers Update regarding Covid-19 Impact on Community
EdgeGamers receives an Amazon affiliate link


Gamers Fighting Covid-19 Tournament
Rust becomes an EdgeGamers supported game
Clan wide community meeting
M4A1-S becomes Lead Manager for World of Warships
Mulligey becomes Manager for World of Warships
Hedgehog becomes Recruitment Manager for Destiny 2
Shalom becomes EC Manager for Destiny 2
Divine becomes a Sr. Manager in Member Services
Godzilla becomes Lead Manager for Rust
Redchance becomes a support Manager in Rust
Major Trubble becomes General Manager for Battlefield
aidan becomes General Manager for Member Services
Ciggy becomes an RC Manager for GTA
Garry’s Mod returns to EdgeGamers
Jade receives Medal of Honor award


Jailbreak Mapping Contest
M4A1-S & Divine receive Distinguished Service award
Garry’s Mod Zombie Survival server is now live
Arbiter receives ProCombat Lifetime Allegiance award
webby becomes the Manager of News & Writing in Media
Godzilla becomes a Sr. Manager in Rust


June Community Meeting
TomSL becomes Garry’s Mod Tech Manager
Boo becomes Garry’s Mod Sr. Manager
TAKA becomes Garry’s Mod Community Manager
EdgeGamers Receives a Website Maintenance


EdgeGamers Celebrates its 14th birthday with a Birthday Meeting
EdgeGamers Website transitions into Xenforo
Covert becomes Director of Systems
SmeaR becomes Community Manager of Tech
Larry_Da_Lobster steps into a Sr. Manager position in Counter-Strike
webby steps in a Sr. Manager role in Media
CSGO adds a new Server (24/7 Surf Summer server)
DDZ ZioNeX is promoted to Manager for CS:GO


Garry’s Mod Introduces FearShop
Member Applications are now live again
Team Fortress 2 Jailbreak server replaced with a new Payload Server


Community Polls return to Front Page
Minecraft 1.16 Server Launch
Public Member Services Meeting
Power_Outlet becomes Community Manager of Destiny 2
Semo becomes Manager of CSGO
Heidi becomes Manager in Media, overlooking Socials


Overwatch and Squad become an EdgeGamers Supported Game
EdgeGamer loses a respected member of the community; Rest easy Ubermaniac
USGCHammer becomes part of the Board Members Team
Andrew promoted to Community Manager of Member Services
Architect of Life becomes Senior Manager of Member Services
Inkery becomes Community Manager of GTA
Summer becomes Senior Manager of Tech
Confission, D3FaulT, Jeremy_Duck, OmgWtfNamesTaken, and RipplyTiger151 become Managers of GTA
Tea becomes a Sr. Manager over in Minecraft
Vincent gets promoted to Manager in Minecraft
Coder steps in as a Manager for Squad
Jeff7890110 gets promoted to Senior Manager


Team Fortress 2 Payload server shuts down
World of Warcraft becomes an EdgeGamers Supported Game
Edisch222 promoted to Manager in Overwatch
Houndini becomes a Manager for World of Warships
EdgeGamers Discord receives a makeover


Community Spotlight returns to EdgeGamers
Media Team has a Public Meeting
Overwatch has its first Meeting
Garry’s Mod Closes
GrumpyCatJen gets promoted to Manager in Minecraft
Wish Promoted to Senior Manager
CelDamage Becomes Manager in Overwatch
Santa becomes Manager in CS:GO

(If you are LE and we missed your promotion above, we are VERY sorry - please message a member of Media LE and we will get you added ASAP!)

Newsletter Recap !

January News

Battlefield’s heavy metal server is going strong and is top 5 in the world.
Counter-Strike brought in a few new members to the EC program, and put in a lot of work towards new maps for bhop, surf, and minigames.
GTA had a few stellar members earn the Advisors Commendation.
GTA added a new black market shop for lots of illegal fun, and new features were added to allow merging of items together for a variety of interesting uses.
Minecraft started development on a new Prison server with a few volunteers.

February News
Counter-Strike welcomed some new ATs into their midst.
GTA opened two new locations on the map, and also had the Purge event.

March News
GTA opened 3 new locations, CCC gained ownership of the PDM, the Police Department moved to a new area, and the Savage Speed Society opened up.
Minecraft released the lottery.
World of Warships' first clan reached max capacity, so a new one was opened.

April News
Member Services upped the variety of events they host.
Rust got some new plugins to bring new events to the server and create new PVP centers, where players can earn loot.
World of Warships got a new War Thunder Squadron.

May News
Counter-Strike had a lot of updates to improve quality of life, and switch up some things to keep the servers popping.
GTA also had some updates to improve performance and quality of life on the server.
TF2 had a whole bunch of tech updates to keep making the servers better.

June News
Every Counter strike server was above the 87th percentile, with Jailbreak and CS:S Dust II reaching 6th.
Destiny 2 hosted a 1v1 Tournament

July News
Counter Strike servers got !knife and !ws, and maps were added to most servers.
GTA got a radio command which includes a whole bunch of music, and more gameplay updates like a new locking system, and a change to SSS.
Official EdgeGamers Social Medias started being revamped with more quality content.

August/September News
Counter-Strike started working on a bonus map for every bhop map.
Destiny established a new clan due to the amount of new players joining.
GMod released TTT.
GTA planned to release a DNA/EVIDENCE update.
TF2 brought in some new recruitment and event coordinators.

October/November News
Counterstrike added early round protection on TTT, new maps for all servers, math quizzes on jailbreak, and hosted the 5v5 server show off.
CS Source improved tick rate and registry, and the ability to use m249.
GTA added dynamic weather changes, reworked handlines, and more EC’s and AT’s.
Minecraft change server from Normal to Hard, and added Mythical Keys.
Rust brought back Juggernaut but with some balance changes.
Tech brought name changes back, and the website was updated to Xenforo 2.2.
Destiny 2 hosted their second 1v1 Tournament

December News
Member Services hosted a 48 hour event.
Overwatch hosted a 1v1 tournament.
EdgeGamers hosted a discord giveaway.

Who Said What?

"Gaming." - Power_Outlet

"Everything is temporary with enough time." - Architect of Life

"The people I've met this year have given me happiness I could never take for granted. :)" - heidi

"TF2 will NEVER die!" - DrkChocolate

"I'm going to extract --- who just mowed me down?" - Larry_Da_Lobster


"You never said you were on the floor!" - Custom Stats

"He did say he was going to extract" - AdurpAdurp

"I shadowplayed it" - probably Godzilla

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Thank you to everyone who helped put this together. Shoutout to the whole Media LE Team, Martin, Snowy, I cant carry, & Damon.​
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Forum Fiend
Shoutout to the squad 2020
@Rogueyeti (bogurt)
@SmeaR (Rip)
@Wish (e-girl)
Shoutout to the squad 2020
@peloc (who?)
@Rogueyeti (yogurt)
@SmeaR (miss u pops)
@Star (raptor2k :) )
@waff (bruh girl)
@Wish (omg overwatch)
@SmeaR - You’re an amazing friend and someone who levels me when I am over thinking. You do so much work and you really take care of the people around you, even though you have a tough guy act. You deserve more credit.
This sounds like a pogu moment from me chief

Y'all are dope.


I made one post
Amazing. Have great fun to do. Great time with this game.
Gamers Fighting Covid-19 Tournament
Rust becomes an EdgeGamers supported game.


By far, the best community I've been in, and I just want to thank some people for making it fun while here.

@Dustin : Dustin is one of the BEST people I've met. This guy would go out of his way to help you with anything to the first time we met back in LSCPD to now Dustin has always been there for me and is by far one of the funniest people I've ever met and IDK how edge gamers would be without him. I remember when I and Dustin robbed banks with Animals masks and called our self the RABBIE GANG, and it was by far the best experience I had.

@Wimsickle : WimWim, as I call him, is a great guy, and i can list so many reasons why but am i no? lol but seriously, Wim is so funny while playing games he might suck *Cough Cough* but it's fun asf to play with him, i remember when he told me while playing games his GPU use to shake fun times. He was there day one since i join the server. He Did my training and everything for LSCPD and, overall a great guy.

@OfficerHardman : this yee yee motherfucker is one of the funniest people ever miss the nights where he would just screen share Omegle and even watch scary movies together.

@Stone9512 : Oh stone, Stone is by far one of the most chill person I've met. You can spam this guy to play a game with you, and he will. One of the funniest games we played together is phasmophobia, so funny to play with stone. He sucks at games and hacks in modern warfare what a cheater.

@Dink : hopefully, i pinged the right one, but: Parker goes to sleep at like 8PM EST he's a fucking boomer. He would ping you and play one game and say, "Ight I'm going to sleep".

@Depression : stinks.

@Moyye : I would clapped this guy at any game, especially Minecraft.

@Oblixion : Nick is probably tired of me complaining, but he really understands and is a great guy to talk to.
I do suck at COD but at least I'm playing fair and not using aimbot :giggle::giggle: