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Hey all, so I have a hand me down HP laptop from my mom, but its running Win 10 & currently on a regular hard drive. I am wondering if I should look at eBay for a decent used laptop (possibly with a video card built in for when I wanna play games on it when im not at home). Let me know what direction I should go. Btw, if I am to upgrade, then it will be on a student budget. Unfortunately my local college has temporarily suspended their discount program, due to the current epidemic.


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The problem with buying used laptops is most of them have very worn out batteries, meaning battery life will be noticeably worse than a new laptop. Additionally older gaming laptops have terrible batteries to begin with. And even more so the used laptop market isn't very good. Stuff goes for pretty close to original value unless it's 5-10 years old.

If you're looking for a solid cheap laptop to do basic schoolwork on then you might look for something such as this. $300 and you get an nvme ssd. Windows will be snappy but it won't be incredibly powerful.

A bit more and you're looking at higher end inspirons or even dell's gaming lineup of G laptops or acer Nitro laptops. In the 700-800$ range you'll find a lot of good stuff.