[TF2] Medieval Night! January 21st, 2021


Medieval Night! | January 21st, 2021

Medieval Night? On my event server???? It may be more likely than you think... join us Thursday, January 21st, for our next event, Medieval Night!

Event Date: Thursday, January 21st, 2021
Event Time (ET): 9 PM
Event Server IP:

You want to melee and smell bad because proper hygiene was unheard of? Or maybe you already fit into medieval times. Either way, come play Medieval Mode and melee people or be an archer man. Either way, it'll be giggles of fun and (perhaps) random crits (with salt)! I want to hear some SCREAMS OF ANGUISH.

4g0tt3nSou1 will be coordinating this event. Please forward your questions to them or any of your TF2 Leadership! We hope to see you there, beating the stuffing out of people!