[TF2] Jungle Japes Jamboree! | January 23rd, 2021


Jungle Japes Jamboree! | January 23rd, 2021

Hello here, there, everywhere to you/y'all! It's been a while. Life has stabilized for me slightly, so, I want to do an event! Join us Saturday, January 23rd, for this event, Jungle Japes Jamboree!

Event Date
: Saturday, January 23rd, 2021
Event Time (ET): 8:30 PM
Event Server IP:

Now, something I miss is some of the Jungle Inferno update's maps. Some are terrible, some are good. So, I want to do an event on them. Now, this event is going to be a bit dynamic - the map will change based on opinion and attendance. Obviously, we ain't doing Payload/Payload Race with less than 10 people. If the start time seems weird, it's because this will more than likely be a longer event. So, if you plan on attending, keep that in mind! You ain't obligated to stay for the whole thing, but if you want to prepare with a sandwich and a soda, go for it! Or get a banana to roleplay, you monkey (looking at you, Shoop).

PastryFoxy (das me!) will be coordinating this event. You forward your questions to me, any of your TF2 Leadership, or my main EC, 4g0tt3nSou1. I hope to see you there, going bananas and ape&!#$!